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How to place an order on Confident Cannabis
  1. Create an account on Confident Cannabis ( as a cultivator/manufacturer and log in. 

  2. Navigate to the tab on the top left labeled “New lab order”.

  3. Select Assured Testing Laboratories.

  4. You may choose to either add a sample from Metrc or to add one manually.

    • If importing a sample from Metrc, select the applicable cannabis license and choose your samples.

    • If you are asked for a Metrc API key, it can be found by logging into Metrc and navigating to the user profile dropdown in the very top right corner of the website.  Note: Once you have entered this API into Confident Cannabis you should not have to reenter it for future orders.

      • If manually adding samples, choose the applicable cannabis license and enter all sample information in the required fields.

      • Make sure to fill in any missing required information including gross weight, solvents used, etc.

  5. Choose your testing package or packages.

    • Full compliance options that say “Submit order for quote” will be the previously agreed upon price.

    • Be sure to take note of the minimum sample amounts at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Click continue and choose either pick-up or drop-off.  If a pickup is chosen, we will reach out with the pickup schedule once the order is confirmed.

  7. Click continue and carefully review all information to ensure it is correct.

  8. Submit the order.

  9. Please be sure to print and sign your Chain of Custody (found under the order actions dropdown) to send with the Metrc manifest at pickup.


Once you have submitted your order you will be able to find results and order updates in your Confident Cannabis portal.  The portal will also provide the ability to print labels and QR codes, get analytics for your strains, and see past results.

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Notice of Conformity and Decision Rule


All decisions of "Pass" or "Fail" are determined based upon the limits set forth by the MA Cannabis Control Commission and its regulations.  This includes, but is not limited to those denied in 935 CMR 501.000, 935 CMR 500.000, & Protocol for the Sampling and Analysis of Finished Marijuana Products and Marijuana Products for Marijuana Establishments, Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, and Colocated Marijuana Operations. Assured Testing Laboratories does not apply the reported calculation measurement uncertainty to manufacturer or other sources of tolerance / specifications to determine an instrument’s pass or fail status. It is the responsibility of the end user to consider the measurement uncertainty when determining the instrument suitability.

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