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Internship – Laboratory Assistant

Supervising and coordinating scientific investigations and experiments. Supervise staff, provide technical support, and construct, maintain, and operate standard laboratory equipment.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Weighing and intake of delivered samples

  • Preparation of solvents and standards

  • Taking inventory and helping ensure that the laboratory has the appropriate amount of materials needed

  • Taking photos of received samples for LIMS

  • Entering required data for samples into the intake logs with a high level of accuracy and attention to detail

  • Following SOPs to perform the daily laboratory tests and tasks

  • Ensuring that the laboratory maintains a high level of cleanliness standards

  • Ensuring that the laboratory follows the governing body’s guidelines

  • Preparing samples and other required preparations needed to run testing

  • Any other tasks assigned by the laboratory management

Required Skills

  • Product weighing

  • Pipetting

  • Solvent calculation

  • Data entry

  • Attentional to detail

  • Strong desire to learn

  • Strong desire for improvement

Additional Requirements
  • Must meet the requirements set forth in 105 CRM 725.000 and must not have been convicted of an excluded felony offense as defined in 105 CRM 725.030

  • Able to speak and read English

Learning Opportunities
  • HPLC methodology

  • LC/MS & GC/MS detection

  • Molecular biological detection of microorganisms

  • Analysis of volatiles

  • Environmental analysis

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